1968-1972 GM A-Body Price Sheet

    1968-1972 GM A-Body Price Sheet  
  The following prices are based on based on reductions for certain panel overlaps and
     are subject to change based on services performed. Some operations can not be 
               performed independently and may require additional charges.  
Installation item       Labor      
Rocker Assymbly      $475.00      
Firewall assymbly      $495.00      
Roof panel        $476.00      
One Piece Floor         $956.25      
One Piece Trunk Floor (1)      $795.00      
Trunk Drop Off        $  97.50      
Left Door Shell        $  63.75      
Right Door Shell        $  63.75      
Rebuild Door Hinges      $  24.00      
Quarter Panel         $600.00      
Outer Wheelhouse      $159.75      
Inner Wheelhouse      $159.75      
Trunk Lid        $  32.25      
Deck Filler-Coupe      $195.00      
Tail Panel        $281.25      
Roof Sound Insulation      $195.00      
Install Front Sheetmetal (6)    $786.50      
Due to limited availibilty of parts for certain models please contact us first to work up a 
  more accurate estimate for your year and model.    
  Estimate subject to change after vehicle inspection at our location and is less 
  any applicable state and/or local taxes.      
1)One piece trunk floor requires replacement of both quarter panels,   
  tail panel, inner and outer wheelhouses and trunk drop off  
2)Installation of front sheetmetal includes fenders, hood, header and valance  
  requires hardware kit ($44.95)        
3)Price subject to vendor and availibility        
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