Q. How do I schedule an appointment?

A. We are available Monday thru Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM to discuss your project and set up an appointment or you may contact us through our website with your questions.


Q. Do you provide transportation of my car?

A. While we do not transport cars we do have several professional haulers that we can put you in touch with. If you are bringing your car yourself we can store your trailer for you while your car is being rebuilt.


Q. What needs to be removed before I bring my car?

A. It is recommended that the car be torn down to a bare shell if the car needs firewall, floor or trunk replacement. For cars needing just back components (quarters, wheelhouse or trunk) may not need the removal of the engine or dash, however grinding and welding produces heat and sparks. While we make every effort to protect non-removed items, we cannot fully guarantee that they will not incur some damage. If you have questions as to what should be removed based upon the work needed, just call us and we will be happy to advise you.


Q. Do you work on models other than those listed on the price sheets?

A. Yes. We can replace sheet metal on any collector car. The price sheets are formulated based on the most popular cars with readily available parts. Feel free to contact us about your car and we will set up an appointment to meet with you and create an estimate.


Q. What if my car is wrecked or rusted?

A. While we are not a collision shop, we can repair collision damage by replacing the parts and panels to bring the car back to like-new condition.


Q. Should I have the car media blasted before it arrives?

A. While some owners like to have their car blasted ahead of time to assess the damage, many of the parts will removed for replacement anyway. After your car is cut down, we blast it and epoxy prime it before assembly so that you receive a rust-free shell that is ready for your paint and finish work.


Q. What about body and paint work?

A. We do not do the finish body work or paint work but we can make recommendations of shops that we work with and can put you in touch with them to arrange an estimate.

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