Leaders in the industry such as Mustangs Unlimited trust Grave Robbers to install their products.

Mini Tub Kits

GRAVE ROBBERS proudly introduces mini tub kits for your classic 1964-1970 Mustangs, This is the one you have been waiting for! Our kits retain the factory look but allow you to run the large “Pro Touring” style wheels. The original tub sizes ranged from 11” to 12”wide. Our new GRAVE ROBBERS deep tub kits range from 13 1/4” up to 14 1/4”. Our deep tub kits come with R&L tubs and R&L frame reinforcement plates. The upside to GRAVE ROBBERS deep tub kits is that they can be installed in any vehicle, painted or unpainted. Our kits run as low as $499.00 $149.95 each and installation is available from Grave Robbers Sheet Metal. Contact us today for more information.

What To Do First

Before your car arrives; In order to properly assess the needs of your car, there are certain items that need to be removed. Removal allows access to the areas not normally visible that often hide rust or previous damage that was unknown before. Removal also protects those parts from damage during the rebuilding process, resulting from grinding

Our Mission


Our goal at Graverobbers Sheetmetal Replacement is to provide our customers with an affordable alternative in turning their project from junker to jewel. By reconstructing your car on our custom built jigs to locate the frame rails and body panels to simulate the manufacturers original process, we can ensure that the fit, finish and dimensions are as good or better than when the body left the factory decades ago. All cars are spot welded or stitch welded and primed using the latest technology and materials such as weld thru and epoxy primers and digital inverter welders to install full OEM style panels to create a body shell that is stronger and more rust resistant than ever before.

Frame Jigs

- Custom Frame Jigs -
Jigs hold the body correctly to allow the body panels to be aligned back to factory specs.
Click the image for a larger view of jigs.

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